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Granite Colors

Often, people encounter issues with subpar granite from other providers, resulting in weathered, inconsistent headstones over time. We have solved this issue for our clients by offering superior, durable granite, handpicked from the finest quarries worldwide. Your headstone will remain elegant and vibrant, enduring harsh conditions without fading. Our granite provides a lasting, dignified tribute to your loved one, offering you peace of mind for years to come.

Our extensive granite color range, from classics like Absolute Black and Classic Gray to unique variants like Bahama Blue and Emerald Pearl, is showcased in our gallery. Each hue uniquely reflects your loved one’s spirit.

With our diverse options, you’ll experience a comforting sense of satisfaction, knowing you’ve encapsulated your loved one’s essence in a unique, enduring tribute.

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Granite Slab
Monument Craftsmen splitting a granite block.

Granite Headstones

Granite’s use for headstones has a long history:

  • Ancient Times: Different stones like marble, limestone, and sandstone were used for grave markers, but not granite.
  • Medieval Period: Headstones were made from local materials such as sandstone, slate, and limestone. Granite was rarely used due to difficulties in quarrying and shaping.
  • Rise of Granite: In the 18th century, advancements in quarrying and cutting techniques made granite more accessible. Its durability and weather resistance made it a popular choice.
  • Victorian Era: During the Victorian era, granite gained momentum for headstones due to its strength, durability, and intricate carving capabilities.
  • Improved Technology: Advancements in stone-cutting and transportation in the 19th and 20th centuries increased granite’s popularity. It became easier to extract and transport, making it accessible to more people.
  • Modern Era: Granite remains popular due to its customizable colors, textures, and finishes. Its natural beauty, durability, and resistance to weathering make it a lasting tribute to the deceased.

Today, granite continues to be widely used for headstones, embodying tradition and honoring loved ones for generations.

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